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Continually pushing your body means you need to fuel it properly, the importance of nutrition when you’re exercising and when you’re aiming for results is vital. Silvermere Strength & Fitness offers a range of nutrition services and programmes to suit each individual.

Eating well doesn’t have to mean eating less and it certainly doesn’t have to mean eating bland and boring food. All our nutrition plans come with healthy ideas with recipes that not only taste good but are good for your body too!

Get fit, strong and agile with our fitness equipment by Mirafit Silvermere 2000sq ft Spartan arena Our fitness equipment consists of: 1 x 2000sq ft safety turf – perfect for box jumps, sprints, lunges & burpees

If you’re like most people, you might want to get into shape. And if I know my clients and Silvermere Fitness gym members as well as I think I do, there are two ways that people usually want to get into shape: either for their health or for aesthetics, either looking good or feeling good.

Our in house Nutritionist will design a program based on your knowledge surrounding nutrition. Pragmatism is key to long term nutritional changes, so our programs are designed to the individuals lifestyle, history, exercise, age and various other factors.