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Wow, 6 months has passed since we launched and so much has happened in that time. Below are some pictures of some of the events, highlights and fun we have had over the last 6 months. Remember to link up with us on our various social media pages: Find us @SilvermereFit

What’s the best fitness equipment you can use in a gym like Silvermere? – At Silvermere we have been using Mirafit Fitness Equipment for the past few months, the equipment we have is fantastic, it’s some of the best equipment I have used in any Gym.

Mirafit are a massive brand within the fitness industry that pride themselves on the durability of their equipment. Their high-quality SQUAT equipment is built to last and provide a fantastic gym experience for everyone at our fitness centre.

6 months on and here is a look back at some of the highlights and events in our life since we launched. There are pictures below from some of the events, events we have hosted ourselves, and others.