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I’ve known Sam for a number of years and had trained with him a handful of times prior to my 12 week programme. I thought that I trained hard and knew  how to get the best results from my training through eating and supplementation. However I was wrong! The first thing that stands out about Sams approach to training intensity. Not just training hard, but training hard and smart. Making every rep and set count toward your end goal.

Mirafit® have been making fitness products for years and have an advanced R&D department, a cutting edge manufacturing plant and marketing team that is geared towards serving our customers. We took what we could learn from each of these elements and used them when producing the Silvermere Fitness equipment line. Our range of machines is designed to be used by everyone in the family with a safety net for the elderly or younger people. They are intuitive to use and more comfortable than ever before!

We are proud to have a high quality range of fitness equipment available for members. So if you want to keep fit, get fit or be the fittest you’ve ever been, come along and visit Silvermere Fitness today.

The insight that Sam gave me into nutrition was also eye opening. I was eating more food and still losing fat and gaining muscle. I learned and gained more in twelve weeks with Sam than I did in 8 years of training alone. I cant praise trainers at stone physique and their approach to training highly enough!