1-1 Personal Training — Silvermere Strength & Fitness – strength & fitness gym – Cobham

Here at Silvermere Strength and Fitness we have 100% commitment to our clients.

Our private one to one training sessions ensure that you receive quality time with one of our highly qualified coaches, who will take away the guess work, inspire, motivate and educate as the sessions progress.

In this blog we discuss the most popular gyms around the UK and point out their selling points. Mirafit is one of the most widely used suppliers that I keep coming across. Here you will learn why Silvermere Fitness Centre is using Mirafit in their training room.

No matter what your goals are, we can kit you and coach you to reach them – no matter how big or small they are. Each client is different and will require different equipment to maximise their training. Our personal trainers tailor-make the equipment for each specific client, using the Mirafit products available to us. Mirafit is an international company that supplies products to the top sporting clubs and gyms worldwide. This means that their products are proven reliable and safe for use in a variety of exercise regimes, ensuring your privacy and security at all times.

Every piece of equipment has been well thought out with the client in mind, even going as far as including comfortable handles for each piece.

We have designed a systematic process, which guarantees RESULTS time and time again.

Every session is recorded, every week is measured all of which takes you closer to achieving your goals and keeps motivation levels high.