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Sport specific training programs based on scientific, proven training principles and methods aimed at improving your sporting performance.

These programs encompass strength training, energy systems, speed and agility and more. Whether you are a professional sportsperson, aspiring young athlete or a weekend warrior our expert coaches will design and implement a strength and conditioning program that will add those crucial inches to your performance.

At Silvermere Strength and Fitness we’re dedicated to improving your sporting performance by offering you a unique training experience. We use sports specific training programs which include strength training, energy systems training, speed and agility. Our coaches at Silvermere Strength and Fitness are highly skilled and will design an individual program for you to improve your sporting performance with the aim of gaining that vital edge over your competitors.

See our well equipped gym packed with the best gym equipment and squat racks.

The 10,000 hours rule has become a popular buzzword as of late in the world of elite sporting success. From Top Gun (1986) to the New York Times (2011), the hugely popular saying of ‘practice makes perfect’ has been adopted as gospel by coaches and athletes alike. For most of us, there is no use in trying to reach those elite sportsmen and women in terms of ability – at least not any time soon anyway. However, many can benefit from their training habits and programs; whether it be an amateur athlete or not.

•   1 to 1 training

•   Team training.

•   Pre season camps

•   Injury Rehabilitation