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Welcome to Silvermere Strength & Fitness blog. Home to the best gym facilities in Christchurch, New Zealand and packed full with awesome information and advice on building muscle, strength training at the gym, how to get a six pack and general health and fitness tips too!

Are you looking for a new way to workout? Tired of the same boring gym routine? Well this site is for you! Silvermere Strength & Fitness is your one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about exercise, diet and tips on how to keep fit.

The Silvermere gym blog has a number of articles that show how to use the various pieces of equipment in our gym as well as nutritional advice and tips from some of the team members. Our gym is located in Cobham but if you’re not local don’t worry, most of the advice can be used when training at home!

Here at Silvermere Strength & Fitness, you can expect a wealth of information to help you along your journey of strength and fitness. I’ll show you how to train in the gym, use a squat rack to get those legs going, how to get those 6 pack abs and much more. We look forward to seeing you inside!

Your body is a machine from the moment you are born, your body was designed to move, meant to see daylight. We’re at war with nature, we sit all day at a computer and before even reaching for that bowl of cereal we’ve bent our bodies like bananas at our desks. We say ‘How can I take care of my body?’ as if it were a foreign object to be guarded by armies and weapons, a concept we hardly know anything about. The human body is an engineering marvel capable of more than any robot ever invented and you drive it into the ground every day when you neglect it. The gym is a laboratory in which the mysteries of the human body are revealed and the most basic of its functions are made clear.


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