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Welcome to Silvermere Fitness – Exeter’s premier fitness centre! With our wide range of equipment and friendly professional trainers, we offer a specialist all round body training system that will help you meet your goals, whatever they may be. We stock a wide range of gym equipment, which includes Matrix smith machine and selectorised dumbbells , Universal Gym , Lat Attachment , Shoulder Press , Benches / Smith Machine Calf Attachment to name a few and some of the best powerlifting plates on the market so you can hit your 1 rep max with confidence and leave us with a bigger smile on your face than when you arrived!

Mirafit is a company that offers a wide array of fitness equipment for all kinds of exercise. The company prides itself on the quality and durability of their products, which are used primarily in high-level gyms. My favourite product from Mirafit has to be the Mirafit ‘i’ Smith Machine. This product is fantastic on so many levels. It’s constructed from high-quality steel and is powder coated, which means it will last through even the harshest training sessions. The ‘i’ Smith Machine by Mirafit is available in two different colours – grey or red – which helps me when planning my gym’s interior design to ensure I can easily coordinate it with existing decor.”

In the fitness industry its all about getting fit, staying fit and looking after your health. Its also about being healthy. This involves setting goals for yourself in order to thrive and make steps towards overall health and well being. I would say to anyone who’s new to working out that consistency is key. Its like any new hobby/activity that you start its not going to be beneficial to you immediately especially exercise.

BSc Strength & Conditioning Science St Marys University Ex Pro Rugby Player Over 10 Years PT Experience Transformation Specialist

Exeter graduate L2 Fitness Coach Competitive Powerlifter Group Training Specialist

BSc Nutrition & Sports Science St Marys University Performance Nutritionist Ex Pro Rugby Player Celebrity Trainer

CHEK Exercise Coach REPS Level 3 Biosignature Practitioner Level 1 10 Years PT Experience Competitive Figure Athlete