Silvermere Barbell Club — Silvermere Strength & Fitness – strength & fitness gym – Cobham

Our barbell club will be the perfect haven for lifters of all abilities. Taking place in an exclusively private gym on Sunday afternoon, the club will dedicate 2 hours to lifting, technique and coaching. The club stands as an opportunity to create an incredible environment for like minded and passionate lifters. This encompasses powerlifting, olympic lifters and up and coming sportsman who want to improve explosiveness and athleticism.

Silvermere Barbell Club Equipped with the best Barbells and Kit

The name says it all really. We’re all about strength and fitness at Silvermere Barbell Club and nothing else! With equipment from Mirafit, you can feel safe and sure that you’re getting some of the best fitness machines on the market. Based in Salford, England, Mirafit were established over 30 years ago and have grown to a well-known global brand within the fitness industry. Contact us today if you need advice on which Mirafit equipment would suit your needs best!