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Our Silvermere Fitness gym has been undergoing refurbishment for the last two months, and some of the equipment is now in place. Most of the new kit comes direct from Mirafit. Why Mirafit you ask? It’s an easy ask really — they are one of the longest-standing suppliers of gym equipment on the market, they have a fantastic range, an excellent level of customer service, and they have an insane delivery service. Who would have thought that a company selling fitness equipment would use such a well-oiled machine to deliver their products?

Weights and Weight Benches

We have got more iron than the average scrap yard, We have got a whole rack of Mirafit Barbells and Dumbbells of all weights to ensure you can train to your muscle requirements. If you are looking for a great leg workout there is nothing better than the Mirafit Squat Rack combined with your weights to allow you to squat in style.

The Mirafit CrossFit equipment at The Silvermere gym is a vast selection of Mirafit CrossFit weights, with the 100kg/200kg dumbbells as the flagship items. The Silvermere gym has a diverse range of colourful dumbbells for you to choose from. This includes varying weights, plates and bars. Our dumbbells are available in standard dimensions or made bespoke to your exact needs. We can also make cut-to-order dumbbells if you have a specific weight in mind and it isn’t listed on our website

Mirafit Squat Rack
Mirafit Squat Rack

Mirafit CrossFit Equipment at Silvermere Fitness

Mirafit are one of the main suppliers of fitness equipment to Silvermere Fitness, and it’s really easy to see why. They produce a range of professional, yet affordable fitness equipment for your home gym. The equipment is high quality and more than capable of helping you reach your fitness goals – even if you do have limited space like in this situation. (I would go into more detail about product X but it has a lot to do with their product technology which is proprietary)

Silvermere Fitness and Leisure Centre is a fantastic place to work out.   The gym and fitness equipment are excellent and are up to date with current technology and equipment.    As well as having some of the best quality equipment around, we kitted out the gym with Mirafit CrossFit equipment, weights, cages and benches for you to get the best workout you can get.

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